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KIVOS new alarm series speaker personal alarms will draw attention when you need it most. carry an alarm with you at all times to ensure your safety. Never again will you have to worry about walking on the streets alone, or in the dark. this personal alarm will keep you safe, without you putting yourself in any danger. very interesting personal alarms this product can used listening music and other touch your phone or other electronic product.
                1.Small size and light-weight. 
                2.Metal pull pin 
                3.Used safety spotlight in dark area. 
                4.Built-in 120db high output alarm. 
                5.When you need help, you can pull out the metal pull pin. it emit a alarm sound instantaneously. Ideal for protecting joggers, elder,
                        disabled, night shift workers or people who live alone.

                        1. Small,light and fashionable.

                               2.  890mah rechargeable battery,continuously alarm or play music for 3~5 hours.


                               3. USB charging port,convenient to charge anytime anywhere.

                              4.  98% of alarm rod on the market is iron rod,easy to rust,not smooth,when pull and inserts are affected.
                              at the same time easy to wear and tear.this alarm adopts durable cooper rod.

                                High decibel alarm effectively frightens unknown person who draw near or offender.

                               Connect to audio output of smart phone,tablet,PC,enjoy HI-FI music.

                               HI-FI music sounder,a fashionable home travelling necessaries.