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GPS Tracking  make finding your loved ones a breeze. See when your relatives land at the airport, hook up with a friend with turn-by-turn
       directions and even track your contacts in real-time. We design our Apps to be Fast, Easy and Private; Apps that deliver real-world, everyday
       use and function. In todays fast-paced lifestyle we understand you want something that is useful, simple and functional, yet private and secure.

                       product size: diameter 4.5 centimeter,thickness  1.5 centimeter
                       communication method: two-way intercom
                       location mode: outdoorGPS+indooe LBD   
                       historical route: check where you went in past three months
                       accuracy of positioning: indoor5-500meter,outdoor 20-1000meter
                       SOS for help: Press Red Button,Automatic dialing phone
                       waterproof  grade: common  waterproof 
                       electronic fence: After Setting an area, when left the area Automatic alarm 
                       APP: Support android and  iOS APP system    
                       battery: capacity450mAh, Standby for 3 to 5 days

                        Dust and water proof 
                        double waterproof processing,inner layer is advanced sizing material to obstruct water.locator itself adopts strong
                               waterproof material.

                             Insert SIM card:
                       Open back shell,take battery out and insert SIM card.
                       press red button and hold for 3 seconds to switch on the device.(remark:no power,can't switch on)

                          Install APP:
                          scan or code on user manual by smart phone and it connects to a download website.

                        function experience after installation

                        perfect choice 
                       1.strong search,precise location
                       adopt GPS+LBS double positioning.support network worldwide build the most comprehensive location network,
                              automatic identifying location network  based on environment,precise transmission and calculation on position data.

                        2.two-way intercom,sos
                        two way intercom function:make call to GPS locator by your phone,you could hear voice around the locator without
                               picking up manually in emergency,press SOS key asking for help,locator automatically makes call to set phones.

                        3.safety fencing
                        if cars,kids,pets or luggage location is out of setting arrange,App on phone a notification.

                              product parameter:



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