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Overview :
The police recommend that all women and children carry personal alarms during late nights, or when they are walking on their own. This is
       something you really must invest it. Never again will you have to worry about walking on the streets alone, or in the dark. This personal alarm
        will keep you safe, without you putting yourself in any danger (such as by carrying a weapon).
                        1.Personal alarm safe football , suitable for : people who live alone ,night shift workers , disable , students
                        2.Just pull plug , will alarm ,ball alarms till 120 dB
                        3 When alarm sound gets low , please remove screws from back cover to replace battery
                        4. power :23 A 12 V battery
                        5. Pull plug -alarm , insert plug -alarm stop

                              1.small,cute and durable.choose the best for life safe.

2.more than 90% of the alam,due to design,generally adopt the complicated process airtight,slight
                              collision is extremely easy to damage the voice device.this device has simple structure, is not easy
                              to damage.
                                        3.  92% of all alarm adopt ABS material,easy to slide.this alarm adopt the antiskid material,
                              rubber knee enclosure,feel comfortable.won't encounter emergency tense and slide,
                              failed to timely help,led to the tragedy.

                        4. 98% of alarm rod on the market is iron rod,easy to rust,not smooth,when pull and inserts are
                               affected.at the same time easy to wear and tear.this alarm adopts durable cooper rod.

                                5. Hang on bags,looks nice,easy to use.

                         Replace battery:
                        when alarm sound gets low,please remove screws from back cover and replace battery.