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appearance fashion wired video doorbell KDB01-s with 3.5 inch TFT screen 、300.000 pixels and extensible 32g TF card max.

                              main function:
                        3.5 inch TFT screen 
                        300.000 pixels
                        extensible 32g TF card max.
                        automatically/manually record video
                        automatically/manually take photo

                          Technical details:
                          Adopting refined craftwork,high level camera guard circle,scatch-resistant and fadeless logo screen painting,
                                ABS and hardware accessories make the door phone fashionable and exquisite.

                      Outdoor camera parts:
                       300.000 pixels night
                       vision camera
                        4 IR lamps
                        door bell 
                        optical sensor 
                        screw hole 
                        double faced adhesive tape
                        flexible connection wire
                        24P connector

                         Night  vision:
                        Outdoor camera adopts IR lamps with night vision detection distance within 1M.so the house-hold could clearly see the
                               visitor at night when someone presses the doorbell.

                        Indoor monitor features:
                        The appearce of outdooe camera is fashional,it is simple but elegant,conforming to modern human's
                               aesthetice.host machine is 3.5 inch TFT screen.extensible 32g TF card max so it's easy to operate.


                      Indoor monitor parts:
                      charge lamp 
                      3.5 inch TFT screen
                      power indicator 
                      up key 
                      menu key 
                      down key 
                      fnction key
                       wall charger
                       connect interface 
                       TF card 
                       USB interface
                       ringing selection key 

                        Installation of outdoor camera
                               firstly thread 24p flexible wire through the peephole of the door,peel off the double-faces adhensive tape of the outdoor
                               camera,and stick outdoor camera on the door.and then insert the matel side of flexible connector into the connection base
                               and fix it and then tighten the screw bolt.

                        Outdoor camera is on the outside the door and host machine is onthe inside.the thickness of the door is:40-100mm,
                               peephole diamater is:14-40mm.
insert the host machine with battery into the holder,and long press"ok"key to turn on,
                               then it can be normally used.


                         By using a wireless video door phone,you could easily see the visitors on big and bright screen of indoor
                                monitors.no worries if only the elderly or kid is home.


                        Motion sensor :
                        there is infrared sensor in outdoor camera,its detection angle:90degree, detection distance;within 3 meters.

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