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This KDB303 Wireless video door phone intercom comes complete with a comprehensive set of tools including one 3.5" screen monitor, one CMOS camera ,four AA battery and other accessories and has functions of capturing,  talking .It enables you to protect your loved ones from intruders and gives you extra security and convenience.transmission range of this device can reach 600m in open space; suitable for ordinary houses with 1-3 floors.

                       4*AA battery 
                       Angle adjustable camera
                        3.5 inch TFT screen 
                        300,000 pixels
                        Taking picture
                        IP55 waterproof

                        Long standby time 
                        An adjustable device for cameras

                        Night vision
                        Detection distance: 1.5 meters
                        IR lamp
                        The image is in black and white

                              Product presentation:


                         Waterproof and tamper alarm 
                          it will alarm when rain cover and outdoor unit separate
                          angle adjustable camera
                          wide view angle up to 115 degree adjustable manually
                          up and down view angle could be adjusted manually up to 90 degree.

                       Multi-user connect 
                       Two outdoor camera can support 3 indoor monitor、intercom between each monitor 

                         Indoor monitor features 
                         large screen 3.5 inch TFT screen
                         Store 120 pcs picture