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       The wireless video door phone is a 2.4G wireless high-tech household intelligent product integrating  doorbell, photo-taking, intercom,monitor
       and unlocking functions into one.Especially is its unique  human body detection function, when visitor is in its detection range, the indoor
       monitor shall be  activated, show the image of the outdoor on its screenand take photo automatically. Therefore, even you were not
       at home,you also could know who visited you. This model is the guarantee for your home security.

                        1.Wireless video door phone . 2.4G ISM digital public frequency range: 2402~2483.5MHz
                        2.300 meters wireless in open place 
                        3.remote unlock the door 
                        4.two-way intercom 
                        5.take photo ,100 photos auto circulating stored.
                        6.Night vision   
                        7.3.5 inch TFT color screen
                        8.Volume adjustable 
                        9.CMOS camera ,0.3M
                       10.Power:Lithium battery (Outdoor and indoor ,4 pcs batteries )
                       11.Large angle to 150 degree 
                       12.1 pcs outdoor camera can support 3 pcs indoor monitors

                               Main function:
                        Two-way intercom 
                        Taking picture
                        Anti-tamper design 
                        Remote unlock 
                        Remote monitir 
                        Motion sensor
                        Angle adjustable camera
                        Night vision
                        300,000 pixels
                             Indoor monitor parts:
                       3.5Inch TFT Screen
                       Signal indicator 
                       Volume+ -
                       power indicator 
                       up key 
                       down&playback key 
                       table charger
                       monitor key
                       function key 
                       charging indicator

                              Indoor monitor features:
                       simple and elegant large screen 3.5 inch TFT Screen

                              Outdoor camera parts:
                        Angle adjustable camera
                        Rain cover
                               Motion seneor 
                        IR lamp
                        Working indicator
                             Technical details:

                              our products adopt high technology workmanship,advanced camera with protective circle and laser color printing
                              without fade scratch.


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