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K300 wireless video door phone is convenient to install, and simple to use. It is specifically designed for villa users and  two outdoor
  units can connect with three indoor monitors. 3 indoor monitors can communicate with each other .Main function is doorbell, intercom monitor,   remote unlock, motion detection, take and save videos and photos in TF card. it's communication range can reach 300 meters in open space. 

                         Waterproof case:1piece
                         Outdoor unit:1piece
                         Indoor monitor:1piece
                         Wall hung holder:1piece
                         Indoor monitor holder:1piece
                         Charger (DC5V):2pieces
                         USB data line:1piece
                         Lithium battery (BP-6M):1piece
                         Screw M3:2pieces
                         Screws for waterproof case:3pairs

                               visitor touches the bell button,the outdoor transmit the information to the indoor machine    automatically. indoor
                               machine show and store photos and videos at the same time.monitor the situation of the outdoor anytime,press
                               the ok key of indoor handsets can be real-time intercom.

                       Tamper alarm
                                when someone take away the outdoor,outdoor will send alarm and visitors take photos and video of visitors automaticallt !

                        waterproof quality:
                         waterproof grade:IP55

                        Motion detection:
                                when visitors near outdoor camera,motion sensor automatically recognize and save photos of the visitors.

                           Infrared night vision:
                                    night-vision effectiveness

                                How to connect:

                                product parameter: