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      Adopt European design, full of modern science and technology feeling, suitable for houses of various decorative styles Wireless video cat eye 3.5
      inch easy  to use 、300.000 pixels and 200 meters wireless, fashion life choice.

                               Main function:
                         300.000 pixels
                         200 meters wireless 
                         Take picture 
                         120 wild angle


                                Adopt 2.4g ism digital public frequency range(2405~2475MHZ) and wireless communication
                                distance up to 300 meters.

                              Adopting refined craftwork,high level camera guard circle,scratch-resistant and fadeless logo laser
                              color painting,ABS an exquisite. 

                               Outdoor camera parts:

                              Easy installation of peel-hole door viewer:
                        make oudoor unit FPC cable through door peephole,tear double-side adhesive in the back if outdoor camera
                               and fixed in the door,then put FPC connector into the transmitter slot and fix well,tighten screws and cover up
                               screw cap,then installation finished.


                          Install the effect:
                          outdoor camera is on the front side of the door,signal transmitter is on the back.the doorphone suits to the door
                                 with thickness:10-100mm,peeple diameter:14-40mm.before use,please don't forget to insert batteries and switch
                                 on indoor monitirs.

                         by using a wireless video door phone,you could easily see the visitors on big and bright screen of indoor monitors.
                                no worries if only the elderly  kid is home.

                         when visitors knock your door,you can monitor outside by indoor unit.
                         you can take picture when monitor,easy to find the records.maximum save 100pieces photos,cycle recording.

                         Anybody knock the door?if you not sure who outside,you can check bu indoor monitor, after confirm the visitor,
                                 then open your door.


                               when you feel dubiously outside,you can turn on the monitor to see who outside and take picture.


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