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i-HOME Android App Software

iHome Android APP Kivos Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City's "KiVOS" brand smart home products application software, the key is to support Android smartphones and tablets. Users can remotely via software video intercom calls, the screen is automatically pushed to the mobile terminals, video camera, wireless monitoring, remote unlock, open and close the human body sensors, real-time alarm.
1. Fix some phones do not automatically pop push messaging;
2. Fix BUG, more stable signal;
3. To fix the problem the background can not run;
4. repair video can not be downloaded issues;
5. Push ringtone short repair problems;
6. fix the problem stable network connection;
7. Repair support compatible KVA007 smart alarm problems, so more stable APP;
8. Repair doorbell push real-time click and infrared sensor alarm event, the first time to notify the terminal visiting stability information;
8. Repair support more brand mobile phones and tablets, such as Huawei, Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Meizu, Samsung, Asus and so on.
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Application Name: i-HOME
Language: Simplified Chinese, English.
Developer: Shenzhen Kivos Technology Co., Ltd.

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