In 2014 Germany Essen international security products and protection products exhibition Author:kivos Publish time:2014-12-25 13:52
Sponsored by the German Essen international security products and protection products exhibition Essen International Exposition Co, is the European public safety class of the largest and most influential exhibition. The exhibition was founded in 1974, after 34 years of efforts, now has the world into the security field of three well-known exhibition list, in the industry renowned. 2008. A total of 1100 exhibitors from Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, American, China, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and other 48 countries and regions of the exhibitors, overseas exhibitors reached 480, accounting for the total number of exhibitors 44%, an increase of 10 percentage points year-on-year. The Chinese mainland and Hongkong area and Taiwan area of the exhibitors reached 142. The four day of the fair a total of 40850 visitors from 107 countries visited the international audience, which accounted for 32.3%, a record high. Show organizers to make the show more professional qualities, 08 years of exhibition hall 12, as Admiral fire exhibition opening, trade and Exhibition outstanding.
Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd organized a group of 3 people attended the exposition, and its own wireless visual intercom doorbell "KiVOS gold visode" brand through the exhibition better expand brand awareness and publicity of the strength of the company, "KiVOS gold visode" booth visitors can only use four words to describe the heavy traffic on the street the following is the company, staff and visitors part photo.

One, the exhibition time: 2014 September 25-28
Two place: Germany, Essen International Exhibition Center Messe Essen
Three, introduction: every two years
Four, the main scope of exhibits:
CCTV monitoring equipment, access control systems, mechanical safety system, building fire prevention, anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system, special security vehicles, personal protective equipment (protective clothing, work shoes and work clothes), special clothing, crime warning equipment, surveillance equipment, anti-terrorism, disaster disaster prevention equipment measuring equipment, security services etc..