In 2014 Russia St Petersburg international security and fire Exhibition Author:kivos Publish time:2014-12-25 13:48
In 2014 Russia St Petersburg international security and fire Exhibition ((SFITEX)
Industry: Daily
Host countries: Russia
The host city: St Petersburg
Pavilion Name: Russia St Petersburg
Hold time: 2014/11/11~2014/11/13
SFITEX PRIMEXPO from Russia exhibition company and the British International Trade and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (ITE) jointly organized by the two famous exhibition company. ITE is committed to the organization of a global international exhibition and Conference on security and consumer electronics and other professional Russian founder of the show, has become the Central Asia and Europe regions leading the development trend of related field vane and the best trading platform.

[Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in the exhibition introduction]

Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. the company is 3 people team of Chen Zonghe Huang Zong and the Russian foreign trade salesman in 2014 St Petersburg international security and fire show, mainly through posters, videos and physical products to show the company's technology strength and the effects of the products. In the 3 days of exhibition to visit the gold visode brand doorbell tourists visited, mainly Europe and the United States, Russia and other countries and regions of the consumer. But they're most interested in is to KDB400 WiFi wireless visual intercom doorbell company independent research and development, and the company with more than ten sets of the past are in short supply. Through this exhibition, not only understand the development trend of international markets in Europe and the US, the more important the propaganda of the company's strength and expand the company's gold visode brand visibility.