Congratulations to Shenzhen KIVOS Technology in Stock

source: Author:Kivos Publish time:2015-02-27 17:34
On January 9, 2015 held qianhai in Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed equity trading center on the corporate awarding ceremony, this is the first security protection as the core enterprise of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. listed for trading, Enterprise stock code: 660090.  
Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2005, is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of national high-tech enterprise. Company is mainly engaged in production and marketing: Wireless doorbell, doorbell, video door phone, wireless video intercom doorbell, intercom, cats eye video doorbell, WiFi wired doorbell, doorbell, doorbell, home electronics, such as cat's eye smart home security system equipment.KIVOS Technology is the only company in the market and obtained the national patent of portable video intercom doorbell manufacturer. KIVOS Technology products sell well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and municipalities, and are exported to Germany, and France, and Russia, and India, and Iran, and Japan and the United States, and Canada, more than more than 50 countries and regions, China to become the world's most trusted premium brands, and continuously maintained a smart home electronics industry's leading position in China.
Shenzhen  KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. located in the Shenzhen Guangming New Gongming town Yulv village sixth industrial zone, Guangdong Province, China, 3-4 Building, covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, has domestic advanced level production line Equipped with more than more than 50 senior technicians, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment more than 100 units, annual production reached 6 million units, with an independent research centre and product quality inspection center, with top scientific experts at home and abroad more than 100 employees. By the end of 2014, companies with annual turnover of 100 million Yuan, and exports reached 50 million Yuan, and enterprise employees in attaining more than 500 people, staff the average education level of college education, average executives and research personnel qualifications to doctoral degrees.
Companies have a first-class technical and research teams, as well as a variety of advanced production equipment and testing instruments, has a capacity to produce high standards of smart home electronics. At the same time developing new products, the company reached attaches great importance to the establishment and improvement of the quality management system in 2008, successfully passed the quality management system certification, and in 2011 to upgrade the system for ISO9001:2008 and passed UL certification. Companies always adhere to the ISO9001 quality policy in order to "safety, integrity and environmental protection," as its mission, thereby increasing the degree of consumer recognition and customer ( OEM /ODM ) for our products.
Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. under the brand name "KiVOS gold visa" has always insisted on from research and development, integrates the production of high-quality, low-cost, allow consumers to share the results through scientific and technological progress, improving the status of Kai in the increasingly fierce market. Kai in the smart home electronics product development on the road to provide a more secure and reliable solutions, and sincerely look forward to working with you to build a better life!
Qianhai equity trading center is to implement the State Council entrusted Shenzhen creative pioneering in the field of financial reforms in the country and the former sea development policy, following the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the construction of Chinese multi-level capital market system uniform requirements, qianhai in Shenzhen-Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation area construction of modern service industry nationwide marketing of State-owned enterprises holding, equity trading market. The Centre provides unlisted equity trust, registration, transactions and directed capital increase, clearing, delivery, and other value-added services, IPO for enterprise implementation Board, junior, gem, and the training, counselling and new sanban played a catalytic role.  
After this was listed, Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. depth cooperated with front sea equity trading center, Yong and sea resources and seamlessly in the development strategy, leveraging the multi-level capital market to provide sufficient financial support, Shenzhen Hongji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. achieving rapid development, leap-forward development. Shenzhen Hongji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. awareness has always been adhering to honesty, standardize the operation, while businesses have been expanding continuously strengthen internal management, standardizing financial management and accounting, improving credit rating, with financial institutions to establish harmonious relationship, mutual trust, cooperation, formed a mutual support, mutual promotion and common development of a good situation. The former sea equity trading center of a listed company, will further boost Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. spread your wings and take off.