Kivos intelligent doorbell phone WiFi video door phone

source: Author:Kivos Publish time:2015-02-27 16:51
News summaries: Kivos WiFi intelligent video intercom is not a doorbell in the traditional sense, but one that can monitor everything has wireless WiFi smart visual comfort guard.
In recent years with the rise of intelligent household industry, especially urban development to bring home a lot of problems. so now as the Web developed and an open mind, and personal awareness of home security is also getting higher and higher. How to ensure the safety of families as social issues of most concern, especially the elderly and young children live in home security is more serious. While the appearance of smart WIFI video door phone products, provides strong protection for home security.
As we all know, all sorts of thieves is right now, home security door changed, they can give you a break, the home was stolen, even if the monitoring and recording of all, but it is hard to catch the thieves. And recently, a KivosWiFi smart video doorphone, was a good housekeeper.

(Figure 1)

KivosWiFi intelligent video intercom is not a doorbell in the traditional sense, but one that can monitor everything has wireless WiFi smart visual comfort guard. Can connect to the phone APP, whether you work in different places, parties and other occasions on the way in a hurry are abreast of home front of dynamic, simple and easy to use APP interface lets you easily manipulate, KivosWiFi intelligent video door phone software APP supports the latest version Android4.4 version of Android and the Apple iOS8.1.2 system. (Figure 1)

KivosWiFi intelligent video doorphone can be refined excellence, strong intelligence, set WiFi remote Visual interphone, remote monitoring and control, night vision, human detection video capture, remote unlocking, travel alarm all in one, metal tamper, low standby power consumption! Whether you are in any corner of the world, whether it is long or a leisurely, as long as the have WIFI wireless networking, open the phone connection KivosWiFi smart video door phone APP, buzz sounds, immediately outside the door in the side. (Figure 2)

(Figure 2)

KivosWiFi intelligent video intercom how? What are the features?

1, when you go out, if the thief, KivosWiFi smart video door phone will notify you immediately via mobile phone can generally watch the thief stealing process, really thrilling! Then you will be able to inform the community of security and police, in order to prevent theft of other households in the community, whether day or night, 24 hours automatic detection capture alert!

2, when you go out when you have to leave their children alone at home, always worry about children getting the door to strangers and get hurt, then KivosWiFi smart video door phone can play, no matter who comes, You can voice talk to him, and you can see each other's faces, even if not very reassuring.

3, KivosWiFi intelligent video intercom also features large 120 degree wide angle, creating a miracle in the cat's eye, smaller viewing angle of the traditional cat eye and KivosWiFi intelligent doorbell solved the problem, 120-degree ultra wide angle eye can see the whole scene outside the door, and it has the most refreshing night vision effect of new technologies, are no longer dark eyes!
Edit hot review: KivosWiFi intelligent video intercom functions for home security, it really is good, if a thief tried to test your home if someone will knock on the door or rang the Bell. So, KivosWiFi intelligent video door phone with Smartphone can be remotely connected, then you can to a large extent against theft. But how did at home when you go out to a thief detected it? If the thief does not enter from the door, but climbed out of the window into the theft, then the practical value of this product is not so big.