Shenzhen KIVOS Technology tenth anniversary celebration

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News Summary: accompanied by the end of 2014 (the horse), and usher in the new year of 2015 (the RAM), Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. has gone through a long period of ten years. During the ten-year anniversary, KIVOS technology from the first few people to large enterprises now grown to more than 500 people without KIVOS technology efforts of all staff and the majority of suppliers, support and trust of customers at home and abroad. Was held in the afternoon of February 2, 2015 "Shenzhen KIVOS Technology ten years anniversary celebration and in 2015, new year party"!
In order to host this KIVOS anniversary of 2015, new year party, spending a great deal of human, material and financial resources of the company, hired a professional company to organize the celebration of the grand celebration. On February 1, 2015 set the stage and the party scenes, neither distance nor the near view, floating all over each company gave blessing to large-scale printing, the most glaring is the giant arch at the gate of the company, you can tell that this celebration is filled with jubilant and the atmosphere on the tall. (pictured below)

KIVOS anniversary celebration

KIVOS anniversary site layout
It is understood that this "Shenzhen KIVOS Technology ten years anniversary celebration and in 2015, new year party," prominent guests: all employees, Hongji partners, suppliers of KIVOS, Gongming yulvcun Association of personnel, part personnel, alumni and guests such as some members of the community. On February 2, 2015 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, attend "Shenzhen KIVOS Technology ten years anniversary celebration and in 2015, new year party," ladies and gentlemen already has continued to work, company General Manager Mr Chen Hongzhi wearing shiny suits with big red flowers personally greeted all the guests stood in the doorway, and photo opportunity to sign wall sign with photo. (some photos below)

Chen (second from right) with sign in guest photo

Chen (right) with sign in guest photos

6:30 P.M. "Shenzhen KIVOS Technology ten years anniversary celebration and in 2015, new year party" officially began, the company General Manager Chen Hongzhi delivered an opening speech, he said: ladies and gentlemen, good evening, everyone! A great pleasure that we can come together, we come to KIVOS  ten years anniversary celebration and in 2015, new year party is my pleasure, thank you here! KIVOS  unknowingly walked for ten years, to today's performance is the result of the concerted efforts of the whole effort of the company, suppliers, customers and the community, as well as the results of trusted colleagues for their support.
In past 2014 Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "national high-tech enterprise" honor, build a new showroom, set up a new company Trophy as well as high standard of product testing and product research and development. Company exports reached 300.05 billion yuan, annual turnover of RMB 60 million to 100 million; successfully developed KDB400WiFi wireless video intercom doorbell and KDB302 wireless video intercom doorbell shook his head, high-end home products, favoured and supported by the majority of consumers. KIVOS in 2015, will set up a new second division, primarily in the development of intelligent home and home security products, and gradually expand "Kivos" own brand, into a first-class brand of intelligent home and home security industries.
In 2015, the Spring Festival is approaching, and Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. anniversary of the establishment, I only wish the company all staff in advance here on behalf of the company, the majority of my colleagues in the community, the majority of suppliers, domestic and foreign customers a happy new year, RAM JI, success and good health! Everyone can come together is the fate to attend Hongji ten years anniversary is my biggest support, just want everyone to eat well, drink well, play well, and I wish this anniversary celebration and in 2015 spring party a great success! (pictured below )


General Manager opening

Vice President

Combined several Deputy General Manager Chen, Director with the drank

Chen Zong in the audience and guests drank
Opening zhihou, audience all guest began side enjoy big of dinner, side watch KIVOS technology for everyone prepared of rich of literary program and sweepstakes links, site Fireworks align put, and lights full, and audience laughter, is lively extraordinary, has been to night at 11 o'clock only in memorable tonight this first song among successfully of ended, here for everyone show has part literary program and part sweepstakes program pictures video. (some performances, drawing pictures and video below)

Shenzhen Hongji Electronic Technology anniversary celebration-cum-2015 spring party Kivos brand Division catwalk HD video


procurement/finance/HR/warehouse staff such as smaller apples dance

Spraying the 999 roses performing songs from Department of

One of the five Prize
mug picture

Kivos brand Division brings incredible dance of the jade green

Chen (Center) outstanding contribution awards and honors the old staff Photo

Kivos brought my show (runway)

Kivos brought my show (runway)

Raffle drawing part diagrams

Chen Zong (left six) and 2015 outstanding staff photo

Editor's conclusion: Shenzhen KIVOS Technology Co., Ltd. this decade focused on researching and developing intelligent home security systems and equipment, "national high-tech enterprise" by 2015 to create "Kivos" brand, established a new second division. Believe with your suppliers, colleagues and support the efforts of all staff, will lead us together to create a better future. KIVOS Technology once again wishing all of you a happy, healthy and peaceful new year! KIVOS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Viva, Viva Kivos brand, Chen always live forever!

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