What Kivos home wireless video intercom doorbell circuit diag

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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, as well as people's awareness of home security is growing. By the end of 2014, some high income families generally start using wireless video intercom doorbell. Especially in high-end homes, villas, buildings, community and other places, in frequent use, wireless video intercom doorbell glitches occur, from the Kivos brand products starting with basic principles of home wireless video intercom doorbell, to show users the most basic circuit diagram of the Bell.
Kivos home wireless video intercom doorbell circuit diagram be?
Following Kivos latest product KDB400 WiFi wireless video intercom doorbell as an example, I hope to help consumers. (as in Figure 1, this diagram is for reference only)

(Figure 1)
The products used WiFi wireless transmission principle, outdoor camera, phone displayed, and can two-way on told, phone as long as installation has KDB400 of APP software client, on can free remote control unlock and can at any time monitoring outdoor situation, advanced of night depending on auxiliary lighting function, makes you in night also can identify visiting who, this products styling fashion novel, image clear, installation simple, makes you of home security more has together technology guarantees, absolute is modern family ideal of security products.
KDB400 WiFi wireless video intercom doorbell function:
1, supports Ethernet and WiFi function;
Synchronized 2, two-way voice intercom function (to be anti-sidetone), clear sound louder, there must be no echo, noises;
3, stylish appearance, a variety of installation methods to choose from;
4, support for multiple languages;
5 free, remotely via phone and Tablet monitor the ActiveSync screen and audio full duplex simultaneous two-way intercom, instant photos (stored in a mobile terminal) or video stored on the device (mobile · Tablet);
6, the Sensor uses OV9712, image resolution requirements 1280*720&30 frames/sec, 640*480&Amp;30 frames per second are optional.
7, wireless:  lock can be unlocked remotely (433 wireless lock).
8, support for Apple and Android.
Tips: when consumers buy the Kivos branded products wireless video intercom doorbell zhihou, any fault found during the use, particularly in terms of issues, try not to do it yourself maintenance or lack of professional maintenance technicians. If you have any questions, please consult Kivos brand official after-sales technical service personnel.


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