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As computers become more developed, more and more products in general information and intelligence, and technology has been rapid changes in this our life, in life's ubiquitous smart phones, smart TV, smart air conditioning, intelligent doorbell, smart bracelets and so on. Can say future artificial intelligence technology development and penetration of unimaginable, perhaps can be seen everywhere in the streets of highly intelligent robots.
Recently, the United Kingdom, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking some very surprising, predicted if the uncontrolled development of science and technology of artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and control or human extinction. Similarly, Professor of philosophy at Oxford University, Bostrom has also pointed out that the future of humanity Institute created super artificial intelligence is the next largest human risk, the risk is higher than natural disasters, environmental degradation, pandemics.

two United Kingdom scholars ' opinions are reasonable? The super smart artificial intelligence will evolve into the humans can't manage stages? Reporters interviewed research College of Fudan University philosophy Professor Xu Yingjin philosophy of artificial intelligence.
Xu Yingjin introduces discipline of artificial intelligence originates from a classic paper and an important meeting.
In 1950, the United Kingdom founder of mathematicians, logicians, theoretical computer science Turing in the mind, published in the journal paper computing machinery and intelligence, put forward the famous "Turing test" —— if a machine can dialogue with others (through the fax devices), and can be mistaken for it is people, then the machine intelligence.
Obviously, this is an act with overtones of "artificial intelligence" definition because the definition did not proceed from the mechanism inside the machine, but by its external behavior to see if it has intelligence. The benefit is that, bypassing the "intelligence nature," this controversial issue, a target was set for the advancement of artificial intelligence: developed a machine that can pass the Turing test.
In 1956, a group of scholars in the United States at Dartmouth College to attend the meeting to explore ways to use human intelligence soon after the advent of the computer. During the preparations for the Conference, and went on to win top prize in computer science —— McCarthy proposal Turing Award with "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) to call this emerging discipline, got the participants agree. At this meeting, the scholars discussed how to achieve machine intelligence on human intelligence, instead of using a specific algorithm to solve specific problems. For example, IBM developed the "deep blue" computer to win in World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and the chess, but does not believe that "deep blue" has a super artificial intelligence. This is because it is only one aspect of capacity larger than humans, and are unable to pass the Turing test.
If hawking fear that supercomputer came out one day, and that it must in general thinking ability beyond the human, it is possible to have "transgression" ideas, as well as the ability to control or eliminate humans.
hawking warning there is theoretically a risk
Worth of "joy" is, at present, the world leading level of artificial intelligence far from Super artificial intelligence. Academics generally agreed that there was no machine in the world to pass the Turing test.

for this situation, there are three types of response
First point: Turing, He, artificial intelligence disciplines Senators floated the idea of comprehensive simulation of human intelligence, you can chew. Perhaps this fantasy will come true in the future, but currently doing research for the realization of this idea, it is a waste of energy. Industry should be doing some practical artificial intelligence research, content to manufacture that solves a particular problem solver. Xu Yingjin found that many intelligence insiders hold that view. This shows that the smell of hawking's warning is a somewhat undue worry.
The second point is this: machine is fully realized human intellect cannot be built up, not like perpetual motion. Scholars have put forward a variety of arguments, trying to get philosophical, logical conclusion, the impossibility, one very famous United States philosophers, Searle's "Chinese room argument" (also called "Chinese room thought experiment"), and the United Kingdom, theoretical physicist, mathematician Roger Penrose's "from the demonstration of Gödel's incompleteness theorem", but these arguments have been academics countered. Xu Yingjin believed that "Chinese room argument" and Penrose's argument was untenable, Super artificial intelligence does not in theory "being put out."
The third view similarities with the first, arguing that the full realization of human intelligent machines are able to figure out, but it is very difficult. If the current AI research path does not change, then the outcome accumulation may not be able to change to conquer. "I hold this view. "Xu Yingjin said," so I think hawking, Bostrom warning risk theoretically exists, but will not become a reality for a long time to come. "
For currently in artificial intelligence technology research enterprise is not much familiar mainly to Baidu, the company. ZTE, millet, Kivos, Meizu and other well-known brands. Take Shenzhen Hongji Electronic Technology, for instance, Shenzhen Hongji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. as a national high-tech enterprises on the development and manufacture of intelligent home products, has been in the area of artificial intelligence research. By 2014, the company has established an independent research institution, has hired more than more than 50 top experts at home and abroad, and has invested 50 million yuan in terms of smart technology products. And in 2012 to create a smart home security systems-oriented "Kivos" brand, the company successfully developed intelligent video intercom system is applied to the smart wireless video door phone products And subject to popular and trusted by our customers, smart home living provides strong protection for the people. How artificial intelligence technology for the future and only the future will tell, but the only certainty is that intelligence is development trend of Super artificial intelligence do crises of human existence is to apply, because there are two sides, the key lies in how humans use and in what way, artificial war that is a global disaster.

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