What Kivos video intercom doorbell wiring diagram is?

source:http://en.kivos.cn/ Author:Kivos Publish time:2015-02-27 17:09
Believe that many consumers buy Kivos video intercom doorbell after need wiring diagram, otherwise hard to figure out myself how to wiring and cabling, as well as the installation location. Kivos video intercom doorbell mainly consists of indoor unit and outdoor unit, and the most important route is the outdoor unit, for customers to introduce outdoor unit wiring diagram below (Figure 1) .
Kivos main video intercom doorbell has a wireless connection, video intercom, video camera, monitor, remote control locks, infrared body sensors, and other functions, as a product of choice for home security. Kivos video intercom doorbell the ABS environmental protection materials, quality has passed ISO9001, UL, CCC, CE, RoHS and other international certifications, is a green smart home products.
Kivos video intercom doorbell wiring diagram what is it?

(Figure 1)

Kivos video intercom doorbell outdoor unit water proof level reach IP55, consumers in the wiring needed to pay attention to the following factors: If you need to unlock it, must be equipped with compatible electronic lock, or else it is not unlocked; generally mounted in front of the right side of the outdoor unit, height is too high, don't suffer from direct sunlight and other factors.