How to choose home video intercom doorbell ?

source: Author:Kivos Publish time:2015-02-27 17:23
At present, with the rise of intelligent household industry and require the higher quality of people's lives, especially those living in large cities people can deeply feel the smart of the rapid changes in technology. Are all around us, everywhere you can see smart products, such as smart phones, smart TV, smart refrigerators, intelligent air conditioning intelligent, intelligent smart water heater, washing machine, microwave oven, electric cooker, smart bracelet, smart door bell, and so on. Living conditions are good, but it was too much pressure, and urban security problems has come, especially child safety issues for the elderly living alone has aroused great concern. How to effectively address security concerns small children or elderly living alone has been a headache for consumers, however the emergence of home video intercom Doorbell for ease of travel, home security provides a strong guarantee.
home video intercom doorbell was what?
Simply put, home video intercom doorbell is when someone rang the doorbell when outdoors, indoors you can see people on the outside and can talk to each other at the door. Current domestic home video intercom doorbell on the market mainly dominated by 2.4G and WiFi wireless video intercom doorbell, has wireless connectivity, video intercom, surveillance video, camera, infrared body sensors, remote control locks and water features such as current mainstream home video intercom doorbell usually consists of indoor unit and outdoor unit, mobile phones and computers that match in several ways.
home video intercom doorbell installation location selected?
After many consumers purchase home video intercom doorbell, in the mounting position does not know how to choose. Following Kivos brand smart door bell for example to you when choosing the installation location note what time:
① communication between indoor unit and outdoor unit to 2.4Ghz wireless connection, connection to the iron gate penetration is very weak, so on the outdoor unit must not be installed in the iron gate, the indoor unit and outdoor unit installation distances it is best not to exceed three storeys; indoor unit indoor unit if you need to talk to each other, usually at most three walls;
② outdoor unit water proof level reach IP55, but the installation will mainly take into account factors such as wind-blown rain, angle of view, ventilation;
③ General adaptation of the outdoor unit between the temperature at-10 ° c + 50 ° c, room-temperature 0 ℃ + 40 degrees centigrade, so when installing, you must take into account environmental factors;
④ outdoor unit and indoor unit power supply connect external power and battery in two main ways, so attention must be taken in installing external power circuit layout;
⑤ on the location of the outdoor unit is installed on 1.4~1.7m off the ground, and try to avoid sunlight lens. (Figure 1)
below is the Kivos brand Home video intercom doorbell installation diagram (for reference only):

(Figure 1)